The 4th International Olympiad of Metropolises

The first round of the olympiad of Metropolises is finished

The first round of the fourth international olympiad of Metropolises has finished in Moscow. The competition in four subjects took place on September, 3. 

Chemists were working on the experiments in analytical and inorganic chemistry in school № 1253. For physicists the first round was also practical - the teams had one experimental problem to solve. They were working on it in school № 2030. 
Mathematicians needed to solve three problems. The competition took place in the school № 1241. The headquarters of Yandex company welcomed the participants of the olympiad in informatics, who had four tasks to solve.

«The problems in physics were difficult, but we think that we did ok: we completed 5 or 6 problems out of 11. Their level was very different and it took different amounts of time to solve them. And also we had to work on them in order, because you can’t solve the next problem without the previous one. So it’s impossible to move from number four straight to number seven! Or at least we didn’t find the way how to do it. And first we had some difficulties with our equipment, as we couldn’t get it right. That’s why some problems required several attempts. We were solving tougher tasks together, and each of us could work individually on ones that were easier. But in general we liked the competition very much, it’s much more fun if you work on an experiment together with someone rather than making it alone», - told Bogdan Rajkov and Dobrica Jovanovic from Belgrade.  

After the competition teams were invited to join the bus tour around the city. 

Tomorrow students are going to participate in the second tour of the olympiad. Chemists and physicists will have theoretical tasks, while mathematicians and programmers will continue to solve the problems. Final results of the competition and names of the winners will be announced on the closing ceremony, which will be held on September, 6.