The 4th International Olympiad of Metropolises

The competitive part of the Olympiad of Metropolises is over

The second day of the main competition of the IV international olympiad of Metropolises is over. Physicists were working on theoretical tasks in school № 2030. So did chemists in school № 1253. Mathematicians were solving problems in school № 1241. The second round of the olympiad in informatics took place in headquarters of Yandex company.

After the second round the teams went sightseeing. Programmers and chemists visited a museum-reserve «Kolomenskoe», mathematicians were admiring art in Tretyakov gallery, and physicists could enjoy the tour around the State historical museum. 

That’s the end of the competitive part of the olymiad. The demonstration of works and appeal are held on September 5. 

The winners of the competition will be announces during the closing ceremony, which is planned on September 6.