The 4th International Olympiad of Metropolises

The registration for the Blitz contest has started for schools around the world

We invite students from all over the world to take part in the exciting multidisciplinary competition - a blitz-contest of the Olympiad of Metropolises. 

It opens up the competitive program of the Olympiad. For 2 hours teams will be simultaneously solving chemistry, informatics, math and physics tasks. It’s a kind of warm-up before the main rounds. The level of complexity of these tasks is equal to that of final school exams of our participants’ home countries. 

This year taking part in blitz-contest is available online to teams from any school in the world. You just need a class, which is appropriate for a group of 8 people, and a computer with the Internet access. 

For participation, it’s necessary to register on the website until August 31. 

More detailed information is available in the rules of the online blitz-contest.