The 4th International Olympiad of Metropolises

Moscow, Krakow and Hanoi are leaders of the blitz-contest of the IV Olympiad of Metropolises

Moscow students became the winners of the blitz-contest of the fourth international Olympiad of Metropolises, that took place in school № 1253 on September, 2. The team won 74 points out of 80. Teams from Krakow and Hanoi also got into the top of the rating.

The participants of the blitz-contest were working on the problems in 4 subjects. Moscow team showed the best result in mathematics, physics and chemistry - they got the maximum of 20 points in each of these disciplines. Minsk also got the maximum number of points in chemistry. And the participants from Hanoi became the best in solving problems in informatics - they have 19 points out of 20. 

«It was fun to fight with the problems together with my friends! Though the tasks were difficult and some of them even confused me. And of course, it’s hard to manage with such a great number of problems. But we were working together and our team got into top ten. And in the next contests we’ll try to work even harder!» - says Fadli Januar, the participant from Jakarta. 

Even before their visit to Moscow the representatives of the cities that participate in the olympiad sent problems in all four subjects of the olympiad. The jury used them to put together the list of problems for the blitz-contest. The level of the problems was equal to that of the final school exams in different countries. 

45 teams took part in the blitz-contest. They had 2 hours to complete the tasks. 

Students from all over the world could try to solve the problems of the blitz-contest without taking part in competition. For that they had to register their team beforehand. 

Blitz-contest is an intellectual warm-up before the main competitions. Its results stand on their own and don’t add up with anything. 

Next the participants are going to compete in the main tours on September, 3 and 4. Young physicists and chemists will have an experimental and a theoretical tour, while mathematicians and programmers will work on solving problems during both days. 

Besides the competition, organizers have prepared an impressive cultural programme for the participants. 

Names of the winners of the Olympiad will be named on the closing ceremony, which will be held on September, 6.